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There are ways of dealing with and overcoming chronic pain!

In September last year my life changed, I was working at the time on a Superyacht in the Mediterranean slowly on my path to becoming a Captain. When I was sleeping on the top bunk, I rolled off the side and landed awkwardly on a bedside table nine feet below. Not knowing how much damage I had done, I continued working through the pain purely on adrenalin until I reached the next port in Barcelona.

Long Story short, after multiple misdiagnosis I finally received the correct scans which showed two serious fractures in my spine, I was then infected with an epidural shot and flown back to Australia (lying down) to finally receive the treatment I was in desperate need of. I was referred to Johnny by one of Australia’s leading orthopedic surgeons. This is when my rehabilitation finally started three months after my injury, by this stage my chronic pain had limited my life to the point I wasn’t even able to drive a car. 

My goal with Johnny was simple, I wanted to be able to live my normal life again, which included surfing and swimming. Seven months into my rehabilitation I am happy to say Johnny has given me the tools to mentally understand the pain I experience, and I am now back on a surfboard again!

There is still a long road ahead and I had to change careers to something less physical, but with the correct tools I have been able to overcome the lowest point in my life where the mental and physical pain felt like it had no end. 

One of the most beneficial things Johnny has shown me is that there is so much treatment out there and services available for people dealing with chronic pain daily. From where I was seven months ago to where I am now, feels like a different person. I am happy with where I am and excited to keep pushing to achieve anything I want without limitations. Chronic pain Is something that can make you feel like there is no escape, but there are ways of dealing with and overcoming it, Johnny and his team have helped me turn my life back into my control and I will always be grateful for that.



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