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Roman's story of his recovery from longlasting pain

Updated: Jun 7

As life has taught me, it’s generally easier to push, if someone else doing the pushing, but sometimes all you need is little push.  My injury to recovery is largely up to me, (sure a little help from some good doctors on the way), but really up to me. Thankfully with a little guided pushing, a clear goal and much needed reassurance and advice from Johnny, getting started was a whole lot easier.

After 8x Xrays, 3x MRI’s, 1x Cortisone and 3 months of walking in a Moon Boot (incl 2 weeks on a Summer o/seas holiday) I was tired of the questions from strangers and lack of answers. So when I was referred to Johnny, hopefully my last stop to recovery, I set myself a goal. Once I reach my 12mths anniversary of the injury, I’ll be doing all the things I’ve been missing out on and not give my injury a second thought, because even as I write this it’s still my first thought and it just goes on repeat each time I get up to walk.

To help achieve my goal, and in combination of Johnny’s advice, we set out 3 steps to follow on this journey:

Step 1: Switch the language I use to describe what I’m feeling. Change it from something that is pain to instead be uncomfortable. Sounds simple but takes practice and positive intent, so after 5 mths of pain, it took another month to learn to embrace it as being a discomfort that I don’t want to keep feeling.

Step 2: Consistency drives my change. This meant doing ALL my exercises at one time of the day when I knew there was no excuse to wiggle out, and so on I went doing all the exercises, week in and week out, each time more challenging and confronting than the week before, but doing it consistently.

Step 3: Focus. I needed to focus on my goal by doing the exercises right, even pushing myself despite knowing that if I pushed hard enough I might feel ‘that’ discomfort. It has to be done, still today as I continue with my weekly exercises.

I’ll add that none of this has been easy, or quick and still today I know I’m on the road less travelled. I thought I’d be back to business after 8-12 weeks (that was the prognosis), but here I am 9 months later still pushing and while I think I’m through the worst, I know the last 10% may be the hardest. Generally this is the time I’d start slacking off, why not, I’ve earned it right? Not yet, I’ve done great for sure, but I’ve not achieved my goal. Anything short of that, is just going to undo all my hard work, sweat and tears I’ve shed so far and I’m not going back there, no way, just a big bag of nope.

I have a goal and I will achieve it with a consistency, focus, a little push and listening to the advice from someone that knows better than me.

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