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Stay consistent with exercise!

After experiencing chronic neck pain for one year with deteriorating discs in C1,C2,C3,C4,C5 and spondylitis I received treatment from JK Pain Rehab in the form of exercises which were reviewed regularly.

I spent 60 years working on typewriters and computers – often long hours without proper ergonomic considerations in the early part of my career, and enjoyed reading propped up on pillows which didn’t help my posture. The final deterioration came after editing my friend’s memoir with sustained time on the computer and moving house. I was in severe pain for a year and could not sleep with a pillow or carry out ordinary housework like sweeping, and driving which required me to bend and turn my head. This was accompanied by acute cranial pain which was there 24 hours a day.

I received treatment in the form of radiofrequency ablation and cortisone – however the pain persisted. I found some medications highly addictive and not helpful in terms of pain, in fact they increased the pain. At present I take only anti-inflammatory medication for an overall condition of arthritis in many parts of my body.

Johnny Kang was able to study my pain distribution and devise exercises which could correct some of my movements. These were revised and upgraded with each visit and depended also on my compliance to carrying out exercises twice a day to build up the strength of my supporting neck muscles which took the pressure off my deteriorating spine. The results have been very satisfactory and I have not had any pain for several months now. I expect to continue the exercises regularly to mitigate stiffness in the neck and allow me to drive safely and carry out all my household activities. I have recently been able to use a pillow again which is amazing! I would highly recommend Johnny’s approach to pain management as a superior way of controlling and eradicating pain.

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